The Future Belongs
To Those
Who Believe
in the Beauty of
Their Dreams

Eleanor Roosevelt

My journal and magnets from the Brush Dance line. My friends and family have LOVED the magnets!!

I am welcoming Brush Dance as a sponsor on my blog today. The most beautiful products you will be delighted to discover.

Unless, like me, you have been buying them for years and all of your family and friends love you for giving such unique and meaningful gifts. (I am honored to have recently joined this special circle of artists and writers.) I just peeked at the new Holiday boxed cards and can't make up my mind. As a card maker you'd think I'd never run out of cards to send. But everyone I know has seen most of what I do and now I like to surprise them with another artist's work.
(click Brush Dance icon on upper right to go to the website - it's worth a visit just for the inspiration... it will change your day)