Bless All of Us
Each and
Every One

inside text:
heart to heart and
hand to hand, we
renew our kinship
with each other
and with all
of creation

This card was my #1 Holiday card last year (the #2 card was a couple posts down: The white/aqua Zinnia with the Thoreau quote). Something about these white Zinnias; this one with a very rich brocade-like center similar to the card just below.

The front quote is a takeoff on Dickens - A Christmas Carol - when Tiny Tim says at the end, "God bless us, every one". My intention was to broaden the blessing as far as possible, reaching out to every corner and shadow with an all-encompassing rain of good wishes, a downpour: sending a blessing to every single pulsing form of life. The text on the inside reminds us to strengthen our bonds, by renewing our kinship - this is an ongoing theme for me this time of year. That's my intention, so you know.

When I begin working on a new design or verse, although I want the art to be compelling, I think less in terms of how the illustration is 'turning out', and more how it's 'going out': What does it carry when it 'goes out', what energy, what wishes, what blessings? I'm sending a little piece of my heart out into the world and I want the process to be filled with love and intention. I think this is true of many artists. I'm not saying anything new here. But I love stories and I love finding out what is behind a piece of art, what the artist's intention was, what the story was. The story and meaning become part of the gift from the artist. Certain pieces speak to us in a soul to soul, heart to heart way. Often you don't need to know a thing more than the deep tingling of recognition you have, how wordlessly moved you are. I could go on about the creative process and how very spiritual art-making can be... but that's another day.

I'm planning to add more gifts to my Etsy shop in the coming weeks. I'll include gift packs with combinations of cards, gift tags, magnets, print sets and all beautifully gift wrapped. This is something I love to do. As much as giving a gift, I love to pull together an assortment of things that have particular meaning. When giving a gift, I sometimes put a candle, ribbons, incense, charms, cards, gems in a package and write up the symbolism of all the objects: colors, scents (I love to include a little vial with a chunk of amber in jojoba oil), the lore etc. Watch the Etsy store in November/December for gift ideas. Of course, I'll feature some on the blog.