Hope Blossoms

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Introducing my new 2009 Holiday cards!!

There are 12 new cards this year in addition to the 27 already in the line. This will be a retail-only launch for the 12 new cards - they will not be in stores but only available online. The one shown here is part of a set of 6 that follows the same color/look, and a few in this set are appropriate for framing, or sending anytime, not just Holiday time.

In future posts, I'll be talking a lot about why I love designing Holiday art, and writing sentiments, for this really wonderful time of year.

Some of my favorite themes are kinship and unity - the circle of family and community. For one of my older cards I wrote this: "The love that begins in our hearts and homes becomes the peace that fills our world." For me, that says it all. And it's what inspires me to create messages of hope, peaceful ways, love, and renewal.

Not a lot of good news the past year or so, which makes it even more important to sustain our hope and our capacity for love.

I'll let the cards speak for themselves for now. You can see the entire line on my website. Click on the image above.

Oh, but one more thing: The original art that I "reinterpreted" and used as part of this design came from a beautiful vase my husband bought in China many years ago. The flower that looks like a lotus actually started out as a Peony. The Peony has always been very special to me because it represents the power of the feminine in Chinese philosophy... and I so believe empowering women and girls can change the world.

Have a great weekend: Greet each morning, recalling all that is good, all that is right, all that you have, and all that is possible (from a card I wrote to remind myself about the gratitude-way of living).