Connect Deeply
With Each Other

Front of card: Connect deeply with each other, serve a greater purpose, contribute your gifts.
Inside text: ... and the soul will feel its worth in any season.

A star-like, shining white Zinnia, with one of the most resplendent centers I've been able to create (I don't take credit - the flowers come with their own magic), sends a Holiday message of kinship, and living with purpose. On a light chartreuse background within a deep rust border.This card looks lovely in a frame or mat, to be enjoyed year round.

Throughout my Holiday line of cards the message of kinship is woven in quite often. The kinship of family and friends, expanding out to the kinship within community, and farther... rippling out to other communities, across the land and over the sea to all families in all lands, and then to the land itself. We are all connected: all of our hopes and all of our despair is shared, we are made whole when others are made whole. The circle of kinship holds all life.

In ancient times, people came together in Autumn and early winter for common survival - after harvest they began preparing for the challenges of winter. In these times when the world can seem so crazy and undone, we need each other to affirm that we are safe, to affirm that we will survive and thrive - each in our own small universe of effort and aspiration. We must share our sad, confused feelings along with our happy, joyful feelings. All of it is given love and comfort in the circle of kinship. Find your circle, strengthen your bonds with those you love, and with all that lives.

"Grief shared is half grief; Joy shared is double joy."
Honduran proverb