May Peace
Fill Your World

Inside text:
Wishing you peace and love
at holiday time
and all through the year.

This art with this quote has been one of my most popular cards for Holiday. I also have a version with new art this year and I'll feature that soon.

Here, a Zinnia's ivory corolla is a radiant star behind a mossy green calyx. Usually the calyx of sepals is behind the corolla of petals in a real flower. But because I can reimagine flowers when I first style them for their portraits, and then again do some reimagining with the digital file, the result seems to come from an entirely different kind of garden. A garden where intentions are paramount. And the inhabitants have a new DNA and a new purpose. In other words... magical flowers ... who I believe carry sparkling energy from their original cradle of love on Mary's farm and then through my art process (and some alchemy and rituals) become radiant messengers - in this case emissaries for peace.

When you want to touch someone with your own alchemy and intentions, it's important to choose the right words, the right images sourced in loving care. If this is the right image and these the right words for you, somehow you'll know. As we get into the season this year, I hope that peacefulness is powerfully on our minds, and that we reach out purposefully to connect and strengthen our bonds.

My wish for you today (it's true I have delusions of being a fairy godmother) is that the strife in your life is diffused, that harmony and ease mark each of your encounters, that peacefulness fills your world.