You've Become
the One
You Imagined
You Could Be

do you know
who is harvesting
the fruit of
their efforts?

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Today is the last day of summer, and tomorrow at 2:51 am Pacific Time is Autumn Equinox... probably my favorite of the four seasonal points that mark the shifting relationships of celestial bodies. The cross quarters are also very interesting and very important to some cultures past.

Throughout the cyclic flow of the year, we respond to increasing and decreasing light. Since Summer Solstice, light has been declining. Even in summer's brilliant light, in it's expansiveness and growth, was held the portent of darkness and decline. And, at Winter Solstice, at the heart of stillness, is held the promise of light. Life begins to germinate in utter darkness.

There is a miraculous rhythm and pulse to the changing cycles in nature - we see our lives reflected there: birth and beginnings, fullness and growth, wisdom and reflection, death and endings. I believe, that when we feel a direct connection to the wheel of the year it brings meaning to our lives by reconnecting us, or as writer Thomas Berry says, “reenchanting us”, with the patterns and pulse of nature.

For me, the Autumn Equinox represents many things, including, quiet reflection on the fruits of my efforts, letting the wisdom I've earned sustain me, and most important - letting go. Leaves begin to drop, nature begins dying back, the critters begin preparing for the absence of life by storing food and finding shelter. Sunflowers feed the birds as they dry and go to seed.

What do you want to let go of? What are you clinging to? Are there illusions, hurts, sorrow, resentments, judgements creating a drag on your energy? Are you resistant to change? Look to nature for inspiration: Once the leaves fall to the ground, you never see the trees trying to grab them and put them back on the branches. Letting go is surrendering, and allowing change.

And, what are you now harvesting? What efforts have you made toward outer or inner growth that are now allowing you to become who you imagined you could be?

Today, I'm writing a list of what I will let fall away, what I will put down, what I will let die back and what I will allow to end. Next, I will write about the wisdom I'm harvesting, the areas of growth I'm experiencing, the fullness and gratitude I feel for what is right, what is good, what is possible.

Join me... reflect on what this time means to you and create your own list. I would love it if you feel inclined to share.