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Last week I started writing about the quality of light that is so entrancing this time of year. It casts an amber glow and colors seem richer. Gingers, plums, wines, rusts and golds are about to erupt, as leaves change and vegetation begins to wither. Because I live in the Northwest, this ever-changing mantle of beauty is set against a backdrop of conifer forests rising to wild peaks.

I'm reminding myself to witness these seasonal transitions with all my senses: breathing in the spectacle through my eyes, inhaling warm, Indian summer air deep in my lungs, consuming the scent of it through my nose. And letting the grin spread across my face from the sweetness of it all.

Writer, tracker, naturalist, Tom Brown, describes in his book,"The Vision", advice given to him by his Native American teacher, to "always stay in the rapture". That has since become my sacred mantra, urging me to be present for my life... right now.... this day, this minute, and to witness and savor the gifts waiting for me from the minute I open my eyes.

I took a basic outdoor tracking class once, just to practice paying attention. Besides identifying animal prints and scat (poop) we were assigned to spend one half hour looking at one square foot of ground and to record everything we noticed. You can guess the process here: At first you see what's obvious, then, minute by minute, a whole universe is revealed in one square foot of ground. And for the rest of the day you see things that weren't there before. Amazing!

I am going to give you (and myself) an assignment for today: Choose some element of nature (clouds, color of sky, sound of water, effects of air/wind/breeze, animal or bird sounds, colors of vegetation or flowers, shapes of trees, light changing across a certain place... anything that suits you) and keep your focus and intention on it.

Keep coming back to it throughout the day. If you can, write down your impressions. And, of course, if you become inspired by your own heart opening to something in the field of your senses, you must follow where you are called. At that point, you're on your own.