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There's a subtle but distinct change in light, lately. The sun is lower in the sky and beginning to cast a more amber glow across the landscape. Being part of the landscape, I feel it too. And love it!

We are arriving at the end of a process begun at Summer Solstice. Solstices are times of holding still: we pause, as the longest day and the shortest day occur. After Summer Solstice, the power of germination and growth, begun in spring, is released to blossom and fruit in fulfillment. We are in that beautiful transition right now, when once again, life begins to die back but the evidence of bounty is still everywhere.

In the wheel of the year Equinoxes are times of transformation; a time of reflection both in nature and in our lives. I'll share my thoughts on Autumn Equinox as it approaches, but for now, I'd just like to celebrate the sweetness of this changing light.

I'm introducing the first of a set of posters from my series A Fearless Woman. I have the full art prints available on Etsy and my web site. These new posters highlight the words of A Fearless Woman, with just a small image from the original art. She Shines Her Light seemed the right choice to release right now. Click on image above to see the first of the new posters.

I'd like to congratulate Chandra as the winner of a set of my prints from the give away on Kelly Rae Robert's blog last week. The prints are from the series You Have a Song to Sing. Thanks for participating Chandra and to all 500+ who shared their dreams.

As I mentioned to Kelly Rae: to say your dream out loud ... means the picture now sits in your mind... and as sure as the sun rises, you move toward what you picture in your mind. Saying, picturing, sharing your dream means you've taken the first step on the way to receiving your dream. Wish I could shake my fairy godmother wand and make them all come true.