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This card was inspired by one of my oldest, closest friends. She is the ultimate sea woman - a mermaid-like creature, full of sparkling beauty inside and out. She introduced me to scuba diving and the under-sea universe many years ago when we were both living in the Cayman Islands (a great story for another time). Over the years we've traveled together to Hawaii and Bali and spent lots of time collecting shells and beach glass on the Southern California coast, where she now lives.

I've only shared this card with a few friends, so far. I'm working on a series, "Rituals for Calming the Noise", which is a sub group of little poems that go with a bigger project I hope to unveil next year.

In an earlier post I mentioned my ritual of going on solitary retreats to write, reflect, wander up and down the Oregon coast (I like climbing on rocks) and basically peel back the layers day by day. With this card, I am talking to myself and reminding myself, and encouraging others, to let the ocean call you to her.

In the post just below is a print that is an updated and shorter version of this original poem.