Life Shrinks
Or Expands
In Proportion
To One's Courage

Anais Nin

Inside of card says:
"Never stop believing in yourself".

Front has embossed border.
Fits in a 5x7 frame. 3.95 ea.
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Do you know anyone who is doubting the worth of their dreams? The worth of taking a risk? ... of making a change? ...or simply the worth of their own worth?

Do you, as a friend or sister or mom or co-worker (or admirer...), see the bright star that shines at their center? Do you see their lovely potential and the sparkling beauty of their gifts? Do you know that because of who they are, the contribution they make to the world will be important and valued? Do you believe they need to know these things so the muddy drag of doubt will be erased. . .

Then, tell them! Let them know you know who they really are. Elaborate and profess your belief in them. Don't wait. Don't hesitate. Pour out your love.

Or, maybe YOU are that person. . . Then, I will be the one to tell you:

You, my friend, should not be afraid of your power, or your purpose, or of what comes next. You DO HAVE the passion, the talent, and the confidence to live your private dreaming, strutting publically on the stage of life... for all to see.


Maybe just a little boldness at first... but I will tell you the truth: Boldness blossoms as soon as it sees the light of day. You may be timid about expressing the private, wild notions of your potential but as soon as your inner artist, or your inner world traveler, or your inner entrepreneur, or your inner tango dancer gets one second of daylight, there is no way they will willingly go back in the box.

I tell you this because I believe in you and I see the glorious gifts you hold. The world needs your juicy, succulent gifts. I love who you are!

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.