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the back of the card with art
wrapping around

Yes, yes, yes!! More Sunflowers.

This card and print set is one of the cheeriest I've ever done. The exuberant Sunflower, she just can't be contained or subdued. This is a good example of my signature layout, introduced back in 2004. I design a square or almost square, sometimes in panels and wrap the design to the back of the card. I designed this set as a birthday card. The inside says "let the party begin".

On the back of the card it says, "Always facing the sun, Sunflower encourages us to shine, and to reach great heights".

The print is available in 8 x8 and can be special ordered 10 x 10. Comes without glitter accents unless you request. ALL cards ALWAYS have glitter accents because I can't help myself... I love the sparkle, it seems to bring out the flowers radiance even more. And, as you can probably tell, I tend to see more than what meets the eye when it comes to nature.

Card and print will be available in my Etsy shop this week, in the SPECIALS section. All new art introduced in October will be at a special price: One 8 x8 print, one greeting card, free shipping for the amazing price of 14.00 (print alone is usually 28.00).

I've been busy this week putting finishing touches on new Holiday cards, and updating some things on website. All should be up in next few days. I'll be featuring Holiday cards and more special deals through the end of the year.

But before I spend one more minute at the computer (some late nights this week!) I'm going for a walk to the park. I'm determined to share pictures and stories this fall about our beautiful Lithia park and our amazing artsy town. We live on a hill above the town at about 2200 feet, just below our watershed, and within a 1/2 mile of magnificent forest trails. But below us is a bustling, vibrant town full of artists, writers, actors, characters of fairy-tale repute. The best coffee houses ever, the very best natural food market anywhere. Rare beauty from any view, and we live within walking distance of all of it. Keeps me fit hauling my canvas bag full of groceries and library books up this hill! May I still be doing this at 80!

One more thing before I put on my walkin' shoes.... I'm getting very close to an acceptable layout and manuscript for the little Fearless Woman book. It has taken so many twists and turns. Material I started working on many years ago, when I wrote an article for a regional women's publication, titled, Becoming Fearless After Failure. I feel the story is about to be told, so I will share some excerpts before long.

Wow, I just looked out at my chestnut tree, and the sun breaking through the clouds and filtering throught the puzzle of green and golden changing leaves, it's just.... very very very breathtaking.