Farm Memories

The idea of taking breaks from work seems to be on my mind this week. Whenever the pace picks up and deadlines loom, I start mentally planning my next drive out to see my sister and her family.

I've been going through photos lately to trade some out in the website as I continue tweaking and updating. Came across this one from my sister and brother-in-law's farm. We were there for lunch and lounging, and breathing air that seems just a little fresher and sweeter than anywhere else. You can read more about this place, where our large family congregates throughout the year. Since I don't do Facebook, I'll post more about my life here from time to time.

The one above is my sister and me, out at the edge of her property looking at the landscape. What could we be chatting about? Usually, why life is so great, and seems to keep getting better. And, often, something we both find really funny, and can't breath for the howling over how hilarious we are.

Earlier this summer, me walking through the greenhouse with Ken, who always has the camera clicking whenever we are out at the farm.