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Begin Another Flight of Fancy

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I'm in a crazed frenzy of creating Sunflowers!!

Introducing a new illustration!

This new illustration is one I had sketched out earlier in the year, and just recently completed, because, well, it was making funny grunting noises on my computer .... and I heard it. Something about the Autumn Equinox sets these things in motion... who knows why?.... but as we get closer to Halloween time, it is said - and I'm just repeating this - that the veils between the world we see, and the unseen world, become thinner, and maybe even begin to part....

... so that Sunflowers, groaning and grunting to escape my computer, will not be such an unusual sound!

The sound of whimpering caught my attention, like someone who is stuck in a closet, or maybe tight jeans, and just can't get out. I admit, I do fall easily under the influence of magical and Mysterious events, so that between now and All Hollows Eve, I might succumb to spells from certain Sunflowers. I feel a little light headed right now....

I am told this brand new Sunflower will sashay straight over to my Etsy shop, and will not be held back. She will offer herself for a price quite unheard of, without permission, going straight over my head. She's doesn't want you to get the wrong idea. She's not 'cheap', like disreputable... only eager to play and to party but, as she's assured me, 'not that kind of party girl'. Well, I wouldn't judge her even if she was that kind.

She's warned me that other flowers are waiting, and will follow suit all through October, as the unseen worlds wield more and more influence on us.

They'll be offering themselves at prices unheard of!! We can only hope they don't get too carried away.

(If you're not a lover of odd fairy tales, not one who falls for Mysterious ramblings, you can still take advantage of the special deals all through October in my Etsy shop. But, really, life is so much more interesting if you listen to flowers. They always speak frankly. You'll see what I mean.)