Silence, Solitude, Self-care

I am a big proponent of personal, solitary art/writing/reclaiming-your-soul retreats.

I know there are tons of wonderful workshops and retreats for groups where you'll find important stimulation, inspiration and kinship... also important for the artist.

But over the years, I have found a special rapture in wandering away alone, usually to the Oregon coast, and Settling in to Silence.

I will write more later about my rituals and habits preparing for and then settling in to my little bungalow or yurt close to the shore. Long walks, yoga, writing, reflecting, sketching, French tea and endless self care... even some discomfort... isn't that always the case when you are with just yourself.

Yesterday, however, took a funny twist of fate. I have talked so enthusiastically about my retreats (I have gone once or twice a year over a good part of my adult life), my husband decided he needed to try this. Sunday, he left on a solo photography retreat staying in yurts in state campgrounds up and down the Oregon coast. He often spends hours in stillness waiting for the marriage of light and landscape but he thought it would be nice to live this way for awhile (2 weeks) unemcumbered by other distractions. So off he went.

And I am left here at my home base in Ashland to do the same (but alas, with a few distractions). I have set these few weeks aside, while he's gone, to slide into my own creative zone and work on things not tied to art commerce.

I'll have writing time at my park bench (see post Writing From the Circle of Promise July 21st) near the singing creek and time to play in my newly-painted (pale aqua-tint) studio. I LOVE the new color!