follows you

finds you

reminds you

"You can't hide from grace. It follows you, and finds you, and reminds you, that love and harmony are ever present."

What follows hope, cope, optimism, faith (see post below)? Grace! Of course! Grace. Always there, always will be. It comes unbidden... like a benediction, an endless font of light.

Don't you have a memory of pure grace? When there was no other conceivable explanation for the goodness and comfort and love that descended. You didn't have to deserve it or wish for it. But there it was.

Sometimes just a simple, small ripple of grace (the parking space that appears and you kind of knew it would and then you grin and it changes the color of the day). Sometimes a life-changing, soul-shaking tsunami (a friend shared with me today how a family member, long estranged, has approached her, completely unexpectedly, to begin the healing).

Maybe if you just settle into the memory of your own grace story today, you'll feel that little shift in your body, the release of tension in your shoulders, the grin erupt on your face.