See my June 29th post Writing from the Circle of Promise.

All photos copyright Ken Royce
There is sweet place in Lithia Park, near my home, where I love to write. A few weeks ago, I walked up the trail, paused halfway on the bridge just below, peeked up through the maple and fir, and knew it was time to return. This was, in years past, where I would settle in with a grin and an exhale and have some of my best sessions courting the muse. As an artist and writer, these rituals do sustain me and honor my elemental yearning to create.

Ken followed me up the trail to capture my writing table.

Last week, I returned for the first time to see if the little grotto with the picnic bench still carried the same magic. It was as serene and uplifting as always. Because my spirit feels so at home in this natural setting, I'm able to let the world fall away and let creative expression flow out. This is first- draft heaven. Not to judge or rewrite but to allow the outpouring.

I'm wearing the Laboradite bracelet that Lis made for me. It's all about transformation and dream recall. Also, reduces stress and anxiety. She knows me well.

I intend to report on the progress of my writing projects. Dreamy writing grottos aside, the real work of developing and rewriting takes focus, patience, persistence. And, sometimes it's takes going deeper into where it causes discomfort and confusion. I will go there because, after all, I am developing a writing project based on A Fearless Woman, my series of illustrations with captions like this: There is an unnameable yearning that originates in the womb of her purpose. She follows this yearning to find her boldness and erase her fear. The yearning is never quenched. Her boldness blossoms.