One Land, Many Songs

from the series You Have a Song to Sing

The Sound of Your Song is Truth
"When all things align and power is at hand, your voice comes surely and strong. And you say what you mean and the things that you say are meant as your truth."

Ready for a weekend of play and celebrating, visiting and relaxing. My town has a spectacular parade with jets flying over to announce the start. Followed by bands, horses, dancers, giant puppets, floats, and advocates for causes from left to right. Church groups to car clubs to politicians to farmers, we all come together.

We often forget that embedded in this high-energy, summer holiday is the history of our democracy and the notes of our original song. A song that gave voice to the yearnings and fierce determination that birthed our country and continues to refine its values. A song that grew to testify: All people are created equal. Imagine all the people. This land is your land and my land.

More and more of us are calling ourselves patriots - truly embracing the heart of patriotism. We hear the truth of that original song. We want to live the values . . . taking small steps, doing what we can. We actively stood up for those values by electing a president who is doing his best to restore truth-telling, to keep the dream alive. We use our individual voices, sing our songs, speak the truth to promote those values. We follow through with our feet, sweat, compassion to validate, endorse, implement those values.

My daughter, Malena, happens to be my favorite patriot. Science and Education Director for Klamath Riverkeeper , she stands for the values that protect water, things living in the water, people using the water, tribes who have lived along the water. She tells the truth no matter what. Watch her telling the truth in this local news feature: http://kdrv.com/page/133028