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3 of my top
holiday cards

Ok, so it's 104 today where I live but maybe you can imagine those chilly evenings by the fireplace with your favorite pens and piles of little gifts and cards and tags spread out before you and you're searching for the right message for each of your lovely people.... I do expect to sell out of some holiday styles this year... so put on your wool scarf and use your imagination.

Card left:
Front: Bless all of us each and every one.
Inside: Heart to heart and hand to hand, we renew our kinship with each other and with all of creation.

Card center:
Front: image of snowflake
Inside: "Nature is full of genius, full of divinity, so that not a snowflace escapes its fashioning hand." Henry David Thoreau

Card right:
Front: We gather in loving kinship to celebrate the endless blessing that flow out to us.
Inside: Our voices unite in harmony and our hearts in praise.