from the Big Words series

"Rise beyond all limits, explore the depths of your power,
reveal the color of your calling."

In one of my favorite books, The Soul's Code, James Hillman uses the term daimon to describe the promise or purpose an individual carries and reveals through a lifetime. A word used by Plato and the Greeks, it describes an essence or symbol, unique to each of us, that beckons us to our destiny. Stories, beliefs, songs, paintings and poems throughout time suggest a "spirit" or "soul" resides at the center of our being. Hillman imagines that, perhaps, the soul has a code that guides us to fulfill our promise.

My work, I have discovered, is to share and illustrate what I've learned as I dance with my own daimon. The deep stirrings, the yearning in my blood, inspire me to create metaphors, symbols, images and words that testify to these never-silenced calls to fulfill promise.

Whether as a case manager in educational and social services settings (my previous career), or as a writer and artist, I've been compelled to teach and illustrate these principles.

Begin now to listen, for you are always being beckoned... to rise beyond all limits, to reveal the color or your calling.

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