Writing from the Circle of Promise

I am, by fits and starts, reclaiming a particular space deep in the Circle of Promise. It's my writing space. I've been talking to it and reminding it that I would return.

Tonight, I walked across the bridge below the picnic table where I would write by the creek on summer mornings in years past. I would bring along a nice chair pad for the hard bench and my snacks and a thermos of green tea. I re-approach this physical space now to further set my intention and open up the dusty portal. Even through all the doubting voices and distractions, I never doubted I'd pick up the thread again.

And, of all things, along comes this Elizabeth Gilbert video. If you haven't seen it, sit back, exhale and take it in. It reminded me that all the fears that rise up to choke back your juicy creativity will not grow if they are not fed.

The writing projects that were left in various states of development will now cross the bridge to the picnic table. It's time. I'll talk more about the Circle of Promise (from my project You Have a Song to Sing) in a later post.