My new website is finally ready! After some more testing and trials we should be ready to go by Tuesday June 30th 2009, if not before. My husband, Ken, a versatile photographer of action and essence, knows just enough web wizardry to have both our sites nicely displayed (without being too annoying to live with).

Although, I've sweated and labored (yes, it's like giving birth!) for months now to design the layouts and write the content and build the pages - it's the amazing Ken who's brought it to life for all to see. I bow to the wizard.

In future posts I'll be talking about projects that have come to fruition over the last few years. It's been a long time since I've updated the website and I have so much to share. My writing will become a priority as the summer advances. I have a spot in Lithia Park where I write. I will describe this sweet spot in a future post. But for now please enjoy my new art and writing from A Fearless Woman and You Have a Song to Sing as well as other groups. Go to website and you'll see a slide show in the Gallery and a selection of prints in the Store.

Watch the blog for a July Special Offer - to be posted by July 15th.

Image below is from the series You Have a Song to Sing.

"Each must know her song and play her part and fulfill her promise. Your song unites with all other songs until One Song, one resplendent chorus of light and peace and hope, is possible."